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Mass Air Flow Sensor Tester

0.99 usd

This Volumetric Efficiency Calculator can determine if your MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR (MAF) is bad. Just by typing in a few parameters you can accurately determine if your mass flow sensor is bad. The calculator will also help you determine if your exhaust or converter is plugged! This app was developed by an ASE Certified Master Tech.
FINALLY, No more costly repairs for NOTHING!
USE THIS CALCULATOR TO...Determine Bad Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)Determine plugged exhaustDetermine plugged intake / air filter
Did you know most Mass Air Sensor can be cleaned and don't need to be replaced? Figure it out with this calculator you'll be glad you did.

NOTE: You will need to gather vehicle data from a generic scan tool of some kind. Which can be purchased on eBay for cheap.